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Nytarra Naturals

Ancient Indian Ritual Dhuna / Dhuni Set

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Nytarra Naturals

Ancient Indian Ritual Dhuna / Dhuni Set

Rs. 2,225.00 Regular price Rs. 1,695.00
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Our Ancient Indian Ritual Dhuna Set celebrates the ancient Indian tradition of fragrant smoke, using ceremonial brass dhuni bowl that enhances the experience and aesthetics of the incense-burning ritual.

During a hawan or havan, a sacred fire ritual in Hinduism, a hawan cup or havan kund is used to hold the offerings such as ghee (clarified butter), herbs, grains, and other substances that are offered to the fire. The brass dhuna acts as a stand or holder for the hawan cup, allowing it to be placed securely and providing a safe space for the burning of the offerings.

The brass material not only adds a touch of elegance but also holds symbolic significance. Brass is often associated with purity and is believed to enhance the spiritual atmosphere during the hawan ceremony. The intricate designs and engravings on the dhuna can also add aesthetic beauty to the overall setup, making it a visually appealing element of the ritual.

Overall, the brass dhuna serves as a practical and decorative accessory, allowing for the proper execution of the hawan ritual while adding a touch of elegance and tradition to the ceremonial space.

The Ancient Indian Ritual Dhuna Set includes:

  • 1 Box Hawan/Havan Cups - 12 Cups + Holder
  • Antique Brass Dhuni/ Dhuna / Fumer / Loban Holder


To experience its beauty, simply place Nytarra's Hawan Cup inside the dhuni. As the hawan cup burns, watch the fragrant smoke escape through the tiny holes, creating a calming and enchanting ambiance.


Dhuni Dimensions: (L x B x H) 15 x 11 x 17.5 Cms

Approx Weight: 325 Gms

Material: Brass

Hawan Cups: Box of 12 Cups + Holder

Ingredients: Jatamasi, Tulsi, Ashawgandha, Guggal, Loban, Dried Flowers, Cow dung for outer shell.


The dhuni made of brass is designed to hold burning hawan cup, and may get hot when lit. Handle with care. 

Clean dhuna with soft damp cloth.

Please Note: Handcrafted products may differ slightly and carry small imperfections, which are intrinsic to the process of creation. Due to this very reason, each piece may not be identical and will always have a slight variation in design or colour.