About Nytarra

At Nytarra, our goal is simple - to offer beauty products that are not just harmless for your skin but are also friendly for the environment. Since its inception in 2020, the founder, Tara Malhotra, weaved the idea of curating self-care products with the concept of keeping them sustainable.
Every time you throw a piece of plastic, without giving it a second thought, it creates waste in the landfills, which takes about 500 years to decompose, further leading to soil and water pollution. Yes, it's an unsinkable thought! 
Nytarra sources ingredients that are natural and ethical. The packaging involves 0% plastic usage, which simply saves the environment from the pain. All the offerings, right from skincare to hair care products, ensure purity, and it delves deeper to prove that your skin and hair is of paramount importance to us. 
We don't just take care of the skin on the outside but detoxify it and let you reap the benefits of our best-found ingredients rooted in nature. From our cold processed soaps to shampoo and conditioner bars, we ensure you have a relaxing time every time you walk in and out of the shower. 
We steer clear of chemicals because they are unsafe, toxic, and can make your skin super rough, leading to dehydration. However, the power of nature is so superior that we have transformed that energy into our revitalising products. 
We ensure your body isn't touched by parabens, chemicals, sulphates and moreover, they are not tested on animals. Instead, we work hard and discard any raw material that does not match our identity, which is sustainability.
Our humble, eco-friendly brand has also motivated us to keep our surroundings happy and peaceful. Hence our range of home and wellness products have formulations that grant exceptional comfort and love for your abode.
At no time in the journey, Nytarra compromises in making the products in their luxurious yet natural form. These tastefully crafted items are organic and offer fantastic, skin-rejuvenating quality that give results like never before!