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Nytarra Naturals

Home Aroma Combo

Rs. 1,515.00 Regular price Rs. 1,190.00
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Nytarra Naturals

Home Aroma Combo

Rs. 1,515.00 Regular price Rs. 1,190.00
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This combo brings together 3 of our bestselling natural fragrances and ancient rituals to aid your journey of healing, and to help bring in positive vibes and uplift the fragrance in every corner of your home.

This set contains-

  • 1 Air Purifying Camphor - 200 grams
  • 1 Box Hawan/Havan Cups - 12 cups
  • Aromatherapy Fragrant Wax Tablet (choose your scent)

Air Purifying Camphor

200 grams 

Cleanse the air in your home and workplace with our Purifying Bhimseni Camphor. Breathing clean air should be a priority, always.

According to ancient Indian traditional systems of healing, camphor purifies the air and inhaling that air has numerous medicinal benefits.

It not only cleanses the air of pollutants and micro bacteria but helps in cleaning blockages in the nasal cavity that come with congestion, it keeps pests & bugs away, calms the mind and uplifts the mood.

Using high-quality camphor instead of synthetic variants available in the market is crucial. Bhimseni Camphor (the purest form) is known to cut the hazardous effects that pollution has on our health.

Hawan Cups

1 Pack contains 12 Cups + Holder

These hand-crafted hawan cups use the same herbs and resins. On burning, they fill the air with their heady fragrance while energizing and purifying the mind. These hawan cups are perfect for those who are charmed by our age-old traditions and find delight in fragrant spaces.

These havan or dhoona cups are great for everyday use to purify and fill your home with pleasing aromas.

Aromatherapy Fragrant Wax Tablet 

Hand-poured to perfection and infused with Jasmine, Lavender & hints of musk; these aromatic tablets have been created to give your home a subtle but delightful scent.

Option 1: Perfume- Floral Sage (Blend of jasmine, lavender and balanced with earthy musk)

Option 2: Perfume- Calming White Tea (Blend of jasmine, lavender and balanced with earthy amber, musk & sandalwood)

Option 3:  Perfume- Citrus Burst (Blend of orange, lemon, lime, bergamot, neroli & grapefruit)

Made of 100% Soy Wax