Valentine’s Day - 5 ways to show your Love!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and it makes for a special occasion to show your love, explicitly. Whether it is for a partner, sibling, friend, family or yourself, the month does call for little display of affection through gifting. 

However, thinking of unique and meaningful gifts is also not easy. And add to that the burden of wastage and environmental damage. The conventional gift items such as a bouquet of flowers, teddy bears, chocolates etc. all contribute to the waste in some way or the other. This V-Day we urge you to show a little bit of love to our planet, Earth as well when deciding on your gifts.

Here’s a curation of 5 such ideas that help you express deep love and care for your loved ones on Valentine’s Day, including our planet Earth.

Calming Fragrances: A good fragrance is often reminiscent of a happy memory. Gift your partner a happy memory through unique fragrances that remind them of you. If you are going for self-love this V Day, then fill up your home and office space with exotic aromas that will help keep stress and anxiety away.

Nytarra has a collection of eco-friendly fragrances made from natural ingredients that make for a perfect gift. You could either go for combos such as the Home Aroma Combo or the Home Fragrance Combo or curate your own bundle from variety of options such as Fragrant Tablets, Ceramic Flower Diffuser and Tuberose Essential Oil, Hawan Cups, Luxury Dhoop Sticks

Make them Switch: This Valentine’s Day take that step together by making easy swaps that are sustainable, help reduce wastage and live a more sustainable life. Choose from Nytarra’s range of  eco-friendly products that are both chic and functional for daily use.

Check out the Zero Waste Accessories on Nytarra Living for a selection of Bamboo Toothbrush, Bamboo Paddle Hair Brush, Neem Combs, Natural Loofah, Reusable Makeup Wipes and more.

Wellness Combos: Turn this Valentine’s Day into a pampering session for yourself or with your loved one. Give your mind and body the care and love it deserves with these specially curated Gift Boxes for 3 special needs -  

Romancing With Nature Gift Box

Love is in the Hair Box

The Box of Well-being

Gift Experiences: Experiences are always memorable. They help you spend quality time with your loved one and bond with them while doing things together. If you are in Delhi NCR, take a trip to Sunder Nursery and have a special picnic in the warm winter sun or a stroll down the Kartavyapath near India Gate Lawns. You could even enroll yourself in a weekend class for an activity you enjoy doing together, like, pottery, painting, dancing, learning a musical instrument etc.

Plants: This one never gets old! Easy, aesthetic, eco-friendly and meaningful - plants can say a lot more than words to that special someone. Luck bamboo, mint, lavender, orchids, and succulents all make perfect gifting options. And if you want it even grander, you could pick exotic flowers, herbs or even aged Bonsais. Every time they will look at the natural beauty adorning their space, they will be reminded of you.

Let's raise a toast to love in all its forms this Valentine's Day - love for our partners, love for nature, and love for a sustainable future. By embracing sustainable gifting, we can show our affection in a way that lasts longer than just a moment, an act that continues to spread happiness and compassion for years to come. So, let's celebrate love in its purest form, with gifts that are not only thoughtful but also mindful of our impact on the world. 

Happy Valentine's Day! 💕


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