A Guide to Taking the Perfect Shower

Showers hold a special place in everyone’s hearts. Some use it to relax, some use it to have fun (yes, we’re talking to all those bathroom singers!), while others use it to reflect upon things. It is perfect for some ME time which we all need.

But are you optimizing your shower experience with the most effective methods and products?

If yes, then that’s great. But if not then we got you!

  • Slippery as Soap
  • No shower is complete without using a bar of soap to thoroughly clean your entire body. Soap is like a superhero for your skin, fighting against dirt and grime villains to keep you clean while providing a luxury experience at the same time especially when you use the handcrafted soap bars by Nytarra. Plus, it's a great tool to sing in the shower while pretending you're performing in your own personal musical. You can always bring in more luxury and comfort in your showers by using a natural loofah which is great for your skin since it helps in exfoliating. You can get the perfect one from here:

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  • “Yeh kon hai jisne mujhe mudke nahi dekha?” - ShamPoo Bars
  • Shampoo grants your hair's every wish for cleanliness and shininess. To use, simply apply to your scalp and scrub until you're a bubbly, squeaky-clean masterpiece. But you better use the correct shampoo variant for your hair type. Well, we got you covered. Do check out all the shampoo bar variants with this link and choose whichever suits your hair type: 

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  • Only Un-Conditioner Love here!
  • Conditioner is like a magical potion, transforming your hair, smooth dream come true. Just apply the conditioner to your hair and not the scalp, let it work its magic and rinse for hair that's as soft as silk. Are you now wondering which conditioner to use? Here is one with moisturising oils and butters to gently nourish your hair, leaving it soft and tangle-free:

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  • What After that?
  • Well, the steps don’t end yet. Just like how you drink water to keep yourself hydrated, your body also needs oils to keep it moisturised and hydrated. Get a sense of warm hug with a blend of luxurious non-greasy oils, locking in moisture and leaving you feeling radiant. Apply the body oil to damp skin right after your shower, dance around like a happy kitten until it's fully absorbed (which takes just a few minutes), and relish in your new glowing aura. As you must’ve guessed, we even got the perfect body oil for you: 

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  • Extra effort for summers
  • Sweating during summers sucks! What sucks even more is the bad odour which follows all the sweating. This is where the knight in shining armour, our cream deodorant appears, protecting your underarms from odour dragons. To use, simply scoop a pea-sized amount onto your finger, apply to your underarms like you're giving them a spa treatment, and enjoy the sweet smell of victory all day long. Here is a natural one especially for you:

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    That's it folks! You're now a showering expert, armed with all the tips and tricks to make your next shower an adventure. So go forth and wash away your worries, sing like a superstar, and remember to always be your self, even in the shower. Stay clean and happy, my darlings!

    For more such amazing shower products and much more by Nytarra checkout: https://www.nytarra.in/


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