Fragrant Delights: Elevate Your Wardrobe with Wax Tablets

Inspired by the timeless charm of rustic Indian cupboards adorned with precious heirlooms like silk, zari, and cotton saris delicately stored in muslin alongside fragrant neem leaves, Nytarra's Fragrant Wax Tablets embraces the tradition of scenting and preserving clothes.

fragrance wax tablet white tea

How to Craft Fragrance Wax Tablets?

Crafting scented wax tablets involves the traditional method of pouring wax into molds and allowing it to harden, resulting in exquisite aromatic wax tablets. These tablets serve as luxurious and fragrant additions to wardrobes, making them thoughtful and visually appealing gifts that personalize the ambiance of any space.

Utilizing 100% organic beeswax infused with pure essential oils enhances the tablets' effectiveness and lifespan. Depending on usage, each tablet can maintain its aroma for 3-6 months after unwrapping.

Each tablet features an intricate design, embossed with real pressed flowers and spices, adding a touch of elegance to its appearance. Carefully packaged in butter paper within a box adorned with intricate gold detailing, these wax tablets are impeccably presented and ideal for gifting on any occasion.

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Ways to Utilize Wax Tablets

Wondering about the versatile applications of scented wax tablets? These aromatic creations serve as effective fresheners for drawers, shelves, and closets. They are perfect for preserving and infusing a delightful fragrance into a range of clothing items including sweaters, outerwear, suits, saris, cashmere, and wool garments, ensuring they remain pleasantly scented throughout the seasons.

Alternatively, they can be placed openly on a tray to naturally freshen and perfume the surrounding area. For delicate clothing items, consider wrapping the wax tablet in muslin cloth or a drawstring pouch for gentle diffusion.

Nytarra offers an array of Wax Tablets crafted with Organic Soy Wax and delightful Fragrance Oils, catering to your individual scent preferences:

This fragrance is an exquisite fusion of delicate jasmine and soothing lavender, complemented by the warm and grounding tones of amber, musk, and sandalwood. 

Get ready to be uplifted by the zesty and refreshing scent of Citrus Burst. Our expertly crafted perfume is a blend of bright and crisp citrus notes, including orange, lemon, lime, bergamot, neroli, and grapefruit. 

A fragrance that will captivate your senses and soothe your soul. Each tablet is carefully hand-poured and infused with the delicate scents of jasmine and lavender, perfectly balanced with earthy musk. Indulge in the delicate and soothing aroma of jasmine and lavender, balanced with earthy musk, and let it rejuvenate your senses.

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