How to Pack Your Beauty Essentials for Your Next Adventure

We've all been there: rushing to pack our bags for a much-needed vacation, tossing in our favourite beauty products and essentials without much thought. But did you know that some of the most common beauty mistakes are made while travelling? From forgetting essential skincare products to overpacking makeup, it's easy to fall into the trap of compromising our beauty routines while on the go.

That's why I'm here to shed some light on the top travel beauty mistakes you might be making, and how to avoid them. So buckle up, grab your passport, and let's get ready to take your beauty game to the next level while you travel like a pro!

  • Wipe out your cleansing woes with facial wipes on-the-go!

Using facial wipes instead of cleansers while travelling can be a game-changer for those on-the-go. But unlike you, the environment is not a big fan of facial wipes, since most makeup wipes aren't recyclable or compostable. The average makeup wipe takes a staggering 100 years to decompose. So instead of using your average facial wipes, go for bamboo facial wipes and cleansing balm which are eco-friendly.

They're perfect for quickly removing makeup, dirt, and oil, and can help refresh and hydrate your skin. Plus, they can save you precious suitcase space and weight. Just be sure to use bamboo facial wipes with water, and don't forget to follow up with a moisturizer to keep your skin happy and healthy while you're on the move! We do have a great recommendation for eco-friendly facial wipes and cleansing balm with amazing reviews: 

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  • Going on a salty and boozy binge before a flight? That's plane reckless!

Ah, the classic combo of salty snacks and booze before or on a flight. While it may seem like a good idea at the time, it can leave you feeling like a dehydrated raisin on the plane. The salt can make you retain water and puff up like a balloon, while the alcohol can mess with your sleep and leave you feeling more jet-lagged than a time traveller. Skip the salty snacks and quench your thirst with water before jet-setting off to the airport. And don't forget to give your skin some love with a nourishing body oil right after your shower, so you can soar through the skies feeling as light and fluffy as a happy little cloud! Don’t know which body oil to use? Here is one of our all-time favourite: 

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  • Skipping your skincare routine? That's a pore decision!
Listen up, folks! Skipping your skincare regimen is like trying to run a marathon without stretching first. You may think you're saving time, but in the long run, you're setting yourself up for disaster. Your skin needs some TLC (tender loving care) to stay healthy and happy, and that means sticking to your cleansing, toning, and moisturizing routine. Trust me, your face will thank you with a glow brighter than a disco ball!
  • Don't let beauty chaos ruin your on-the-go game

Carrying your beauty products haphazardly is like playing with fire, my friends! It's a recipe for cosmetic chaos and a surefire way to turn your bag into a war zone. Don't be a hot mess, keep your goodies neat and tidy while you impress. Invest in a good toiletry bag or travel case and avoid any potential catastrophe. And speaking of savvy solutions, have you heard of our sisal soap saver bag? It's perfect for keeping your soap bars and skincare products in check while you jet-set in style! And while we're on the topic of travel, let's not forget the importance of travel-size products. Forgetting them is like packing your bags without underwear - a rookie mistake with big consequences. Save yourself the hassle and check out our collection of travel-sized shampoo/conditioner bars, soap bars, facial oil, cream deodorant, and more available on our website. If that’s not enough that you’d be thrilled to know that the shampoo and conditioner bars have more than one use! Our shampoo bars can be doubled up as soap bars and the conditioner bars can be doubled up as shower body moisturisers. Your luggage and your skin will thank you!

Well, well, well, fellow travellers, we've reached the end of our journey through common travel beauty mistakes. Remember, taking care of your skin and hair is not just for homebodies - it's a must for jet-setters, too. So, don't let a lack of travel-sized products, messy organisation, or lazy skincare routines cramp your style. With these tips in your beauty arsenal, you'll be a travelling goddess or god in no time! Safe travels!
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