All you need to know about Hawan Cups

If you're looking to add some spark to your spiritual practice, you've come to the right place. Havan/Hawan cups, also known as Agnihotra cups, are the mystical tools used in the sacred Indian practice of Havan, and they pack a fiery punch when it comes to purifying the air, reducing stress, and boosting your overall well-being. 

How to use it?

To start, grab your cup and light the top part of the rim on fire. As the flames flicker, channel your inner meditator and watch the rim burn. Once the flame gets going, diffuse it and place the Havan cup in a holder. Now, it's time to offer up your intentions and prayers while the smoke clears the air and your mind. When the ceremony is complete, let the Havan cup cool before handling it. 

 Benefits of Havan Cups

  • Get Your Zen On

Feeling anxious? Nytarra Hawan Cups have got your back! With fragrances like Tulsi, Ashawgandha, Guggal, Loban, and Dried Flowers, they're like a symphony in a cup. Breathe in that soothing aroma and conquer the world with confidence!

  • Bye Bye Bad Vibes

Sambrani Dhoop is like a superhero against negative energy! It's been used for auspicious occasions and ceremonies for ages, and for good reason. It purifies the air to perfection, banishing bad vibes and filling your space with optimism. 

  • Elevate Your Inner Yogi

Dhoop has been a key ingredient in Indian culture's yoga and meditation rituals for centuries, and Hawan Cups take it to the next level. Their spiritually enriching fragrance creates the perfect atmosphere for deep reflection and relaxation. Get ready to channel your inner yogi!

  • Smells Like Magic

It's aroma is no ordinary scent - it's pure magic! It's like a spell that instantly overpowers any foul odours and leaves your space smelling enchanting. Say goodbye to stinky smells and hello to a spellbinding aura!

  • Chillax Anytime, Anywhere

Hawan Cups by Nytarra, are the ultimate chill pill! Whenever you need to unwind and relax, just light one up and let that relaxing aroma work its magic. Whether it's the start or end of a long day, let Sambrani Dhoop transport you to a state of zen.

Hawan cups are a game-changer when it comes to spiritual practices and creating a peaceful atmosphere. Their unique blend of natural herbs and fragrances provide numerous benefits, from purifying the air to reducing stress and promoting positive energy. So, whether you're a seasoned practitioner or new to the world of spiritual wellness, Hawan cups are definitely worth giving a try. Trust us, your mind, body, and spirit will thank you for it!

But you don’t know which Hawan Cups to get? We got you! Get Cow Dung Havan Cups by Nytarra from here: 


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